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Most of you are already quite familiar with the Austin Aqua-Dome, but for those who aren't or those just fish-curious this is who we are. The building that is now the Aqua-Dome started as The Reef. The Reef started as one of the very rare Pier One Imports Tropical Fish Stores in Southwood Shopping Center. The Dome itself was built in 1986 and we acquired it in late 1997. Teri, Hunterand myself (Gary) have over 60 years experience (of course an old guy like me accounts for a large chunk of that). We bring in more saltwater fish and corals than everyone. We order our fish straight from the Philippines, Bali, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Visayas. We order our corals from Jakarta, Flores Island, Kupang, Celebes. We order our freshwater fish from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and several countries in South America. We also order from traditional wholesalers for items not found at our direct sites.

We sell almost everything associated with fish; freshwater fish and plants, saltwater fish, corals, live rock, pond fish, pond plants, koi, feeder fish, ghost shrimp, live brine shrimp.

Image of the Austin Aqua Dome from he Sky.
All your exotic fish needs in one place:
  • Central Texas' largest selection of Marine Fish and Corals

  • 100's of species of Freshwater Fish

  • Aquarium and Pond Plants

  • Koi,  Pond Fish, Lilies

  • Freshwater Shrimp and Crayfish

  • Aquariums, Aquarium & Pond Supplies

We invite you to visit us!

.Open 6 days a week. Come by and feed the Aquatic Turtles, koi and goldfish (weather permitting)!

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