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One stop shop for all of your pond needs! Food, pumps, filters, lights, sterilizers, buffers, algaecides, dechlorinators, liners, liner repairs, vacuums, you name it- we've got it or can get it!


Pond Plants

We carry a large selection bog plants, along with lilies- hardy and tropical varieties- for your pond or container gardens.


Pond Fish

We carry a great selection of fish for your outdoor ponds and water features. Koi- both regular and butterfly- from 3" to 14". Regular Comet Goldfish; Sarasa Comets, Shubunkins, Fantail goldfish. Along with Gambusia "Mosquito Fish", American Flagfish, Rainbow Dace, and Hifin Banded Sharks native to China. We have all the fish for your outdoor or indoor temperate fish needs.

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