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If it has to do with aquariums or ponds we do it.

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Freshwater Shrimp

Red or Black Crystal, Black or Green Algae Eating, Yellow Sakura, Rili , Bamboo. Gabon, Amano, Blueberry, Blackberry, Blue Velvet, Pinnochio or Bee Shrimp and more; we have the largest selection of freshwater shrimp around.  Add to that Mystery, Nerite, Rabbit Snails and freshwater clams; we undoubtably have all the freshwater invertebrate bases covered.

Aquarium Plants

A large selection of live true aquatic plants gives you the chance to aqua-scape your planted aquarium with a variety of great choices.  Different colors, shapes, and textures allows you to dress up any aquarium.

Pond Fish


We carry a great selection of fish for your outdoor ponds and water features. Koi- both regular and butterfly- from 3" to 14". Regular Comet Goldfish; Sarasa Comets, Shubunkins, Fantail goldfish. Along with Gambusia "Mosquito Fish", American Flagfish, Rainbow Dace, and Hifin Banded Sharks native to China. We have all the fish for your outdoor or indoor temperate fish needs.

Pond Plants

We carry a large selection bog plants, along with lilies- hardy and tropical varieties- for your pond or container gardens.

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