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Aquarium & Stands 

The Aqua-Dome offers Aqueon aquariums 2 1/2G to 125G in stock and generally the appropriate sized stands.  Larger Aqueon aquariums sizes 150G, 180G, 210G, Bowfront, Hexagon, as well as Reef-Ready aquariums are available and usually can be on hand within a few days.  We are a Red Sea Authorized S,E, and Reefer Dealer.  We also can supply you with any Planet Aquariums tanks and Coastal Aquarium Design stands and canopies.  Although in a more limited selection a number of Marineland Aquarium products are available through our distributor network.  If that's not enough we offer custom aquariums, stands, canopies built by Planet Aquariums and Coastal Aquarium Design for practically any want or need.

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