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Our people make us special.  The Dome crew strive to give the best service and the best information available. We pride ourselves on trying to make you successful at fish keeping.  A successful hobbyist is a happy and loyal customer and that's what we strive for.

Teri- Store Manager


Teri first worked for Gary at the "Pet Corral" in 1994. She managed the Pet Corral at South 1st and William Cannon from 1999-2004 so Gary could get the Aqua-Dome underway. The Corral was a full line pet store where Teri  studied animals of all kinds as well as bred the amiable bearded dragon lizards and handraised 2 different species of macaw parrots. Teri now oversees all things freshwater at the Dome as well as being the general manager. She has 2 cats, a blue and gold macaw named Strider, and 2 aquariums.

Hunter-Marine Manager


While earning his BS in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, Hunter became an avid hobbyist, frequenting many local aquarium shops and sponging up fish knowledge. After working weekends for Gary from 2004-2008, Hunter began full time work at the Dome, centered on the marine livestock section. He tries his best to help customers keep these animals, some of which are among the most misunderstood in captivity. Learning to keep these creatures will be invaluable to medicine and science. With changing global climates, our success may prove crucial to these animals' very existence. Hunter currently keep 4 fish tanks at home along with his cat.

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