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Save all year long with the Austin aqua-Dome discount club. For $19.99 per year (two years for $30.00) you can save on all of your livestock purchases and most of your aquarium supply needs.

Save 10% on all livestock purchases- freshwater fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and live rock.

Save 15% on marine fish.

Save up to 20% on most merchandise, and up to 25% on most SeaChem products. Some items are net- such as Light fixtures, Filters, Aquariums. Some other items are non-discountable (not many but some). The deal here is that if we get an extra discount we pass it along to you. These club member discounts allow us to come as close to internet pricing as we can on most items.


Club members enjoy an extended health guaranty on freshwater fish* of two weeks.

Please bring a current water sample with receipt, this is a health guaranty and not a guaranty that your present fish will get along with any new fish. There is no guaranty on marine livestock.

*due to the delicate nature of decorative plecostomus, the health guaranty does not extend to to plecos over $20


The Club

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