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Nature's Second Home


During our busy season, which is almost all year, we continually receive livestock shipments.  We receive anywhere from 5 to 7 shipments of fish, plants, corals, and invertebrates each week from all over the world.  We deal with over 25 different livestock transhippers, fish farms, growers and distributors, to insure that we can bring you the best selection and variety of fish, corals, invertebrates, and plants possible.  No one in Central Texas brings in more livestock than we do, and no one offers as large a selection as we do.

Pigeon Blood Discus
Freshwater Fish

Discus from Vietnam, Tetras and Corys from Brazil, Clown Loaches from Asia, we bring in our freshwater fish from all over the world, along with fish from growers in Florida.  We have one of the top selections of freshwater fish varieties available anywhere.

Marine Fish

Most of our marine species are brought in directly from the countries where they are found- Phillipines, Indonesia, Bali, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Red Sea.  To round out our selection, we deal with several wholesale operations on both coasts, such as Sea Dwelling Creatures, Exotic Reef Imports and ORA.

Plating Coral

We also bring our corals in directly from all around the world. Corals from Australia, Indonesia, Bali and isolated areas like Flores Island.  Propagated varieties from ORA and farmed Acropora specimens from Bali help assure us of offering the best selection to our customers. 

Harlequin Shrimp Pair

Whether it's a pair of Harlequin Shrimp like those in our 120 gallon display tank or the ubiquitous Banded Coral Shrimp, we geneally have a large selection of marine invertebrates.  Anemones, shrimps, crabs, sea stars, sea cucumbers, urchins, snails- we have it all!

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